RIP Buster Cat, 1990-2006

Our beautiful cat Buster passed away suddenly last Wednesday, six weeks after her sister Sophy and almost exactly on their 16th birthday. Buster was our Wise One. When the cleaning ladies would race through the house like a tornado, and all the other cats would cower in a closet or under the bed, Buster would sit serenely on the sofa until they came around with the vacuum, and she would act a little put out and move. She was also the queen of the brood. When Big Boo Radley would attack poor Samantha, she would put up with it for a while, then abruptly sit up and voice a single curt MAH! that would stop them both in their tracks. Most importantly she was one of Aimée’s faithful companions for sixteen years. We will miss her terribly.

Good Bye Buster! We love you baby!

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