“The English Patient” is making me feel really old! Save me, Wonder Woman!

I just flipped over to The English Patient after watching Spartacus.

First off, it strikes me that Sergeant Elias, Inspector Lewis, and Voldemort, (even in the “sick old man” makeup), all practically look like little kids to me now. And as historical wartime costume dramas go, the technicolor-looking film and cartoonishly melodramatic behavior of the characters looks more like “Spartacus,” (36 years earlier), than Dunkirk, (21 years later) … or Wonder Woman for that matter, (my new all-time favorite super-hero movie). It’s hard to believe it came out the year after Aimée and I got married!

By the way, is there anyone who doesn’t love Wonder Woman as much as I do? If I had had the “D.C. Reboot” in the 60’s, with due respect to George Reeves and Adam West, it might not be an exaggeration to say that my whole experience of childhood would have been different. I’m pretty sure the whole damned world has been Waiting for Gal Gadot!

Wonder Woman 1918
It was intriguing to see a super-hero in a World War I costume drama. An ancient warrior who says things like “The data you stole has military-grade encryption,” relating a story from shortly after the invention of the aeroplane. Cool.
Wonder Woman in battle
Wonder Woman will blossom in the American zeitgeist once again in Gal Gadot’s capable hands.
In the forest
Mysterious woman of the forest
In the forest
SO beautiful!
Oh, NOW it’s ON!
“I’ve killed things from other worlds before.”
Ancient Amazonian super strength vs. ancient Kryptonian deformity? No contest.
My kind of Gal!
Waiting for Gal Gadot T-Shirt
Says it all …


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