About Me

I Was:

  • Raised as a Nihilist. Now a Former Episcopalian.

I Love:

  • Our Cats; My Wife; Our Friends; Our Life. (In that order.)

I Like:

  • All kinds of Music: Medieval, Renaissance & Baroque, Hard Rock, Trip Hop, World Music, Folk Music of the World, and vast innumerable genres. 
  • Weird (and Non-Weird) Movies (mostly weird).
  • Gurdjieff, Zen. 
  • Libraries: Literacy, open access to government information, intellectual freedom, other (secret) subversive librarian stuff. 
  • Politics, peace, justice, all-around general subversiveness.
  • Words, English, linguistics, grammar. 
  • Science: Armchair math and physics as metaphysical metaphor. 
  • Taking Long Walks on the (frozen, foggy, misty) Beach(Aimée and I did it once, and we both really liked it). 
  • Stuff. Things. Objects. Ideas. 
  • Lots of Other Things (probably) I can’t think of right now….