Nature’s Most Efficent Killing Machine

Proving once again that we humans far outstrip such mighty predators as the shark in our bid to earn the title of Nature’s Most Efficient Killing Machine, our friends at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency are trying out ever new ways of enslaving animals to do our dirtiest work for us. Stealth sharks to patrol the high seas New Scientist, March 1, 2006 Pentagon … Continue reading Nature’s Most Efficent Killing Machine

UK Radiation Incident

Blunder left trail of lethal radiation By Andrew Norfolk Safety cap left off toxic cargo as it travelled 130 miles across Britain A LETHAL beam of radiation was emitted from a casket containing highly radioactive waste on a three-and-a-half-hour road journey across England, it was disclosed yesterday. Thousands of people were put at risk by the “cavalier” attitude of workers for the privatised company in … Continue reading UK Radiation Incident